>Mathematics alumni of IST Austria

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Office number legend:

I01  — Central Building
I21  — Lab and Office Building West

O1 — First floor
O2 — Second floor
O3 — Third floor

To call IST Austria from outside, please dial +43 2243 9000 0 or +43 2243 9000 (+four/six digit extension)

 Last Name, First Name Group Status Office Number Phone Ext.
Akopyan, Arseniy Edelsbrunner Postdoc I01.O2.051
Alipour, Sharareh Wagner Postdoc I01.O3.070
Arathoon, Louise Barton PhD Student I21.EG.102
Arroyo Guevara, Alan Marcelo Wagner Postdoc I01.O2.066
Avvakumov, Serhii  Wagner PhD Student I01.O2.053
Balestrieri, Francesca Browning Postdoc I21.O1.116
Barton, Nicholas Hamilton  Barton Professor I01.O1.025 3001
Baskett, Carina Barton Postdoc I01.O1.025
Belohlavy, Stephanie  Barton PhD Student I01.O1.029
Benedikter, Niels Seiringer Postdoc I21.O3.122 2071
Biswas, Ranita Edelsbrunner Postdoc I01.O2.058
Boccato, Chiara Seiringer Postdoc I21.O3.122 2071
Brown, Adam Edelsbrunner Postdoc I01.O2.056
Browning, Tim Browning Professor I21.O1.117 2103
Cipolloni, Giorgio Erdös PhD Student I21.O3.106 7485
Cultrera di Montesano, Sebastiano Edelsbrunner PhD Student I01.O2.051, I21.EG.109
Dietlein, Adrian Erdös Postdoc I21.O3.106 7485
Draganov, Ondrej Edelsbrunner PhD Student I01.O2.051
Edelsbrunner, Herbert  Edelsbrunner Professor I01.O2.071 3301
Erdös, Laszlo  Erdös Professor I21.O3.112 5601
Feliciangeli, Dario Maas PhD Student I21.O3.104  
Filakovský, Marek Wagner Postdoc I01.O2.058
Fischer, Julian  Fischer Assistant Professor I21.O3.123 2048
Forkert, Dominik Leopold  Maas PhD Student I21.O3.107 4779
Fraisse, Christelle Barton Postdoc I01.O1.029
Friedmann, Jan Hausel PhD Student I21.O3.120
Gerencser, Mate  Maas Postdoc I21.O3.108 721308
Hausel, Tamas Hausel Professor I21.O3.117 2032
Heiss, Teresa Edelsbrunner PhD Student I01.O2.066, I21.EG.114
Hensel, Sebastian Fischer PhD Student I21.O3.121
Hledik, Michal Barton PhD Student I01.O1.023
Ho, Quoc Phu  Hausel Postdoc I21.O3.115 2060
Horesh, Tal Browning Postdoc I21.O1.115
Huszar, Kristof Zoltan  Wagner PhD Student I01.O2.055 4740
Kniely, Michael  Fischer Postdoc I21.O3.121 2057
Leopold, Nikolai Konstantin Seiringer Postdoc I21.O3.103  7672
Lyczak, Julian Tadeusz Browning Postdoc I21.O1.118
Maas, Jan  Maas Assistant Professor I21.O3.105 6101
Masarova, Zuzana  Edelsbrunner PhD Student I01.O2.058 4777
Matejovicova, Lenka  Barton PhD Student I01.O1.028 4731
Mayer, Simon  Seiringer PhD Student I21.O3.101 4778
Minets, Sasha Hausel Postdoc I21.O3.120
Mysliwy, Krzysztof Seiringer PhD Student I21.EG.110, I21.O3.101
Nejjar, Peter  Erdös / Maas Postdoc I21.O3.113
Nikitenko, Anton  Edelsbrunner Postdoc I01.O2.066 4746
Osang, Georg  Edelsbrunner PhD Student I01.O2.056
Ölsböck, Katharina  Edelsbrunner PhD Student I01.O2.074
Patakova, Zuzana  Wagner Postdoc I01.O2.074
Portinale, Lorenzo Maas PhD Student I21.O3.104  
Puixeu Sala, Gemma Barton PhD Student I01.O1.029
Pushkar, Petr Hausel Postdoc I21.O3.120
Renfrew, David Erdös Postdoc I21.O3.106
Rome, Nicholas Browning Predoctoral Visiting Scientist I21.O1.118
Sachdeva, Himani  Barton Postdoc I01.O1.029
Schröder, Dominik  Erdös PhD Student I21.O3.106
Seiringer, Robert  Seiringer Professor I21.O3.102 5701
Shipilina, Daria Barton Postdoc I01.O1.024 5701
Shkolnikov, Mikhail  Hausel Postdoc I21.O3.115  2060
Srivastava, Tanya Hausel Postdoc I21.O3.116 2060
Szep, Eniko  Barton PhD Student I01.O1.024
Trubenova, Barbora  Barton Postdoc I01.O1.024
Virosztek, Daniel  Erdös Postdoc I21.O3.114  –
Wagner, Hubert  Edelsbrunner Postdoc I01.O2.051 3302
Wagner, Uli  Wagner Assistant Professor I01.O2.067 5501
Westram, Anja Barton Postdoc I01.O1.025 5701
Wild, Pascal  Wagner PhD Student I01.O2.053
Wintraecken, Mathijs Edelsbrunner Postdoc I01.O2.066
Yu, Hongjie Hausel Postdoc I21.O3.120
Zhechev, Stephan Yuriev  Wagner PhD Student I01.O2.055 4785